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Imagine brilliant, fiery flowers in the sky over Paris. Such is the image conjured by this magnificent binding that originally covered La Déclamation Théâtrale by Claude J. Dorat.

La Déclamation, published in 1766, is a didactic poem comprising four songs about the rules governing tragedy, comedy, opera and dancing. Dorat himselfwas a veritable meteor shower of creativity- the scion of a wealthy family, he turned away from a career in law for a life in the arts. He was renowned as a musketeer, a bon vivant and a petit maître(minor master).

Dorat was frequently scorned by critics but persisted in producing an explosion of madrigals, odes, epistles, poems and erotic stories. He was rumored to have ensured the success of his plays by buying up all the seats with his own money and he died, penniless, in 1780 after squandering his family fortune. Though his legacy is not that of a major master, one cannot help but admire his incandescent desire to create


•Smyth sewn binding.
•Acid free, sustainable forest paper.
•144 pages  Unlined.


Can also be used as a sketch book.