Why Keep A Journal?

Why Keep A Journal?

With the prolonged shut downs and stay at home orders due to Covid-19 many have been forced into self reflection. Now self reflection can seem ominous but in actuality can be a really positive thing if we use it well.


Journaling allows for that positive self reflection.  I myself keep a lot of journals...🙈 The two most important ones for me have been my spiritual as well as my gratitude journals. For some people keeping just one journal and cataloging it is more manageable; think bullet Journaling, a topic for another blog post...

So what ARE the benefits of journaling? Needless to say this list can be expanded...

▪︎Keep Thoughts organized.

▪︎Improves writing. 

▪︎Helps you with setting, tracking and achieving goals.

▪︎Record ideas on the go.

▪︎Relieve stress.

▪︎Allow for self reflection.

▪︎Boost memory.

▪︎Inspire creativity. 

▪︎Helps improve your overall communication skills.

▪︎Track habits, think water drinking, exercise etc.

▪︎Gives ideas room for growth. For example,  the act of taking a business idea and putting it to paper makes it real and tangible and allow you to see how possible it is to bring that business idea to life; making it a reality.


So what's stopping you? Simply put, journaling is good for the internal you, helping you to maintain good mental health.


At Paper Addict T&T Ltd,  we have a wide selection of journals. Give yourself or a loved one the start to good  and or improved mental and emotional health with the aid of a journal. These are just personal opinions and should in no way replace the advice of a qualified professional. See you next time...


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Hi Gillian,

Unfortunately I was unable to find any contact details for you to reply directly. Unfortunately we do not have anything like that in stock, however feel free to check out our journals under ‘Collections’ from the main tab, then browse the ‘Journals’ section. I hope you’ll be able to find something useful.

Paper Addict T&T Ltd

Hello looking for journal options for a team eg I am grateful for, I appreciate when my team etc

Gillian Chevrotiere

Hey Kimberly! You were just sent an email with a direct link to what we have in stock. Hope you find something useful!

Paper Addict T&T Ltd

I am looking for a journal with plain pages. Can someone please let me know if you have any and the cost please and thank you.

Kimberly Pierre-Bancroft

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