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Archer and Olive

Acrylograph Pens Cool Fall Collection 0.7mm Tip  

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$300.00 TTD
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$300.00 TTD


 Tip Size: .7mm

 Includes 2 replacement tips

 Eco-Friendy Packaging

 Signature A&O ampersand on cap


Decorate your page, doodle in the margins, and plan your days in style with our newest Acrylograph pens! Our water-based acrylic ink is perfectly opaque so it works on white, black, and kraft paper. Acrylograph pens are also great for layering, and blending.


This Cool Fall Collection contains a white pen, a blending pen, and eight colors you will love. It also includes two replacement tips. With a .7mm fine tip, you will have everything you need to enhance smaller details. 


These Acrylograph pens make the perfect companion to your journal, notebook, planner, or other surfaces you’re inspired by. Start creating with eight signature colors (Plus white and a blank pen for blending) included in this pen set or artistically blend them to create almost any color you can think of—like paint without the mess!



*Please note this acrylic ink is non-toxic but is NOT intended for children under the age of three.