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Ferris Wheel Press

Moonlit Jade - FWP Ink

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  • 38ml ink reservoir
  • Rich and saturated tones.
  • Silver Shimmer
  • Water based and compatible with all fountain pens
  • Signature brass cap

    Presenting Moonlit Jade, a warm lockwood green ink punctuated by a magnificent silver shimmer, and Moonlit jade which glistens in a starlight silver.

    An inspiring fountain pen ink carefully crafted in a distinct colour that will spur excitement, creativity and a feeling of absolute joy every time you write.  

    Ferris Wheel Press fountain pen inks are water-based, evenly toned, rich and unsaturated.

    Compatible with all fountain pens and dip pens; use for your next stroke of genius!

    The ink in the bottles have been adjusted to the best of our ability to illustrate their appearance on paper. The ink swatches are the best representation of the colour.

    Sparkling Ink.